Mathematical logic

Dive into the intriguing realm of mathematical logic and unravel the mysteries of deductive reasoning and proof theory. Discover top ideas and resources to enhance your understanding of this fundamental branch of mathematics.
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As the name suggests propositional logic is a branch of mathematical logic which studies the logical relationships between propositions (or statements, sentences, assertions) taken as a whole, and connected via logical connectives. Propositional logic is also known by the names sentential logic, propositional calculus and sentential calculus. It is useful in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to: workflow problems computer logic gates computer science game strategies designing…


In Boolean Algebra, there are three basic operations, Tex,.,prime Texwhich are analogous to disjunction, conjunction, and negation in propositional logic. Each of these operations has a corresponding logic gate. Apart from these, there are a few other logic gates as well. It was invented by George Boole. Table of Content What

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