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According to his own account, Zebediah Killgrave was a spy working for the… Thunderbolts Marvel, Purple Man, Evil Villains, Marvel Villains, Marvel Comic Character, Purple Guy, Marvel Comic, Marvel Vs, Super Villains

Zebediah Killgrave[2] aka the Purple Man[3] was a Croatian Spy turned supervillain. He was exposed to various unnamed chemicals changing his skin to a purple hue. He was altered by an accident and ended up giving him the new ability to control people's minds at his will using pheromones.[3] He began to use his powers for personal gain and developed a cruel nature.[4] He eventually came across Jessica Jones whom he kept as his personal sex slave for several months.[5] 66 appearance(s) of…

Paula Reis
Defenders Comics, Dare Devil, The Defenders, Defenders Marvel, Marvel Knights, Marvel Netflix, Luke Cage, Bd Comics, Batman And Superman

Featured Characters: Supporting Characters: Antagonists: Diamondback's henchmen Other Characters: Races and Species: Locations: Upper East Side Club Ultimate (Ruins) Royal College of Music (London, England, United Kingdom) Items: Leaping awkward down to the streets from a nearby rooftop, Jessica Jones bursts into a night clinic to check on the poisoned Luke Cage. Linda Carter, the Night Nurse, explains to her that the Black Cat dropped him off saying Diamondback poisoned him. She says the…

Muhammad Febriansyah