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Embark on a journey of self-discipline and skill development with the martial arts belt ranking system. Discover the significance of each belt color and the path to becoming a black belt. Start your martial arts journey today!
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Here is an infographic about the belts and ranks from 15 different martial arts. More than 180 belts are shown, so it's easy to see exactly what belts you can get in different martial arts, what is the highest ranking belts, etc. It's for example worth noticing that the black belt isn't always the highest rank!

Devapratim Mohanty
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Good quality Bushido martial arts belts display unit. Made From KOA Wood Wall mounted belt display, holds up to 10 belts. Belts are not included. Display your martial arts belts and achievements with pride as you progress through the various grades right up to the black belt. Great gift for any serious martial artist. Some units come with a few minor blemishes and paint overruns that can easily be touched up with a steady paint brush. An ideal martial arts belt display for Karate, Taekwondo…

Halel N

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