Marble paper

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How to Marbleise Paper and Cards

Don't let the intricacy and kaleidoscopic beauty of a marbleized design fool you. Those ripples of color may look hand-painted or machine-stamped, but they're actually created by liquid.

Janet K.
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Did you know that the word “marble” originates from the Greek marmaros, meaning “a snow white and spotless stone”? True to its origins, when most of us think of marble, we probably think of the bright white, oh-so-smooth stone used throughout history by sculptors and architects (or maybe even your…

nancy Sachro
A late 19th century German recipe book for decorated paper samples. From the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in the Netherlands. Retro, Design, Patchwork, Crafts, Printing On Fabric, Printed Paper, Textile Prints, Pattern Paper, Vintage Wallpaper

This gallery showcases a selection of decorated and decorative papers from 19th Century Europe. Water-based inks float for short periods of time; during this window of opportunity the colors can be manipulated into a wide variety of patterns. Inks stay on the paper when alum is applied to the surface at the beginning of the process. … Continue reading "The Art of Marbling: 19th Century Decorated and Decorative Paper"