Makeup challenges

Take your makeup skills to the next level with these creative challenges. Get inspired and show off your talent by trying out these exciting makeup looks.
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Hello Lovelies! As a way to help me expand my makeup routine I've decided to start a 30 day challenge. Each Day has a new way to spice up the look while still allowing creativity. I divided the days into smaller groups to help me really focus on playing up on part of my face or working on that one concept. The first day I wanted a bases to see what my everyday look is to compare between the rest of the days. The 2nd thru 4th day are to real focus on the eyes and to try some different…

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I'm a big fan of photo-a-day challenges & beauty tags so I decided to combine them and came up with this challenge for the month of February. I'm pretty much addicted to Instagram so I decided to have it there. I hope you all will join me. Let's have some fun sharing! Don't forget to use the hashtag #februarypadcjannieology so I can check out all your awesome photos! Clockwise : bare face, foundations, hot tool, concealers... Catch you all on Instagram!

Vienna Elric