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Discover inspiring quotes that will uplift the spirits of those around you. Share these heartfelt words to bring happiness and positivity into their lives.
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I’ve had a strangely busy week for someone who is still staying home all the time. On top of that, we went without internet for about 8 hours yesterday because of a Xfinity outage. I’m so dependent on the internet that it kind of messed with my entire day. I might need to work on that just a bit. lol! Speaking of the internet, I sure love it for inspiration. I love searching for quotes and pinning them to Pinterest. I’ve been working on this board for years and thought this would be a good…

Lori Harman
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Having some trouble finding out how to be happy? If you need some advice or inspirational words to help you look on the bright side, look no further, we have got the best quotes about happiness and being happy to brighten your day.

Debbie White