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DIY Magnetic Board. Metal Supermarkets - have a store in Atlanta - $40 for her piece, including the light switch cutout. Picture Boards

I’ve been busy at work with the Mr. making and installing a new DIY magnetic message board. This wall off our kitchen has sort of become our make shift message center. We end up taping any i…

Tiffany Baumstark
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Well folks, 18 months into our 3 or 4 year tour here in Germany, and halfway into our Italian trip in January, we filled up an entire frame of travel magnets! Kid you not, I dreamt last night that I was looking for our next magnet... I bought this frame here at a German flea market so it has extra special meaning. We stare at this treasure all the time and love reliving amazing adventures. I blog about all of these trips and update OUR TRAVELS page with every city we visit. They're some of…