Mad hatter top hat

Discover a collection of unique and stylish Mad Hatter top hat ideas to complete your whimsical look. Find the perfect top hat to make a statement at your next event or costume party.
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How to Make a Steampunk Mad Hatter Top Hat. Powered by the Wind....and Your Imagination....: My goal for this project was to create a whimsical hat that would stand out in a crowd. I settled on the concept of a wind-powered top hat. I am not sure what exactly why you would need a power supply in a hat, but hey, that's what imaginations are …

Desiree Dollery
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Top off your costume with a mad hatter top hat that's as unique as you are. This beautifully bonkers top hat announces your arrival and crowns you with style. The perfect whimsical accessory for festivals, Alice in wonderland, Halloween costumes, or for daily wear if that’s your style. This is a full sized top hat. Measuring 10 inches tall and is dramatically flared out in a Mad Hatter style. The curled brim measures 2.5 inches all around. Outside of the hat is layered in a variety of…

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