Low calorie mayonnaise recipe

Discover a delicious and guilt-free low-calorie mayonnaise recipe that will satisfy your cravings without compromising on taste. Try this healthy alternative and enjoy your favorite dishes without the extra calories.
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This Low Calorie Mayonnaise is just 9 calories for 2 tablespoons, just the right amount for a sandwich. Once spread on a sandwich or added to a recipe it will taste just like store-bought mayo, but for a fraction of the calories, fat, and cholesterol. Special Tip: You can easily lower the sodium too, simply swap out the salt for fresh lemon juice!

Caitlyn Forster
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If you are running low on mayonnaise and want to make a quick sandwich, or if you find yourself looking for a healthy choice, then you need to try these 6 easy to make or buy options. Don’t worry, the flavor will still be great and you can save some calories too!

Kim Deakins
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This low sodium mayonnaise recipe has 4 simple ingredients, and NO salt or preservatives! Made in a blender or food processor, ready in 5 minutes. This simple salt free mayo recipe is fantastic on sandwiches, in dips, and as a dressing for pasta salads. Never buy store-bought mayo again, when you can make an easy and healthy mayonnaise at home in minutes.

Susan Bledsoe