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Explore a collection of engaging literature lessons that will inspire readers of all ages. Discover new ways to analyze and appreciate classic and contemporary works of literature.
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This is a culmination of my own anchor charts, plus the best anchor charts that I could find online. This is a great place to find effective charts that get to the heart of what you are teaching in workshop. If you have a favorite chart that you'd like to add, please contact me! Also, if I have not properly given credit for an anchor chart, let me know so that I can fix it.

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I've written about Teaching Channel before, and I'll be writing from time to time about a particular great idea I've found there. If you haven't already joined, remember that it's FREE, and signing up takes less than a minute! One of the many great Tch video clips shows middle school teacher Meagan Berkowitz teaching a poetry lesson using the SIFT Method - Symbol, Imagery, Figurative Language, and Tone or Theme. It's less than 5 minutes long, and well worth watching to see her interaction…

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Poetry Analysis for BIG KIDS-how to engage your upper elementary to middle school students' love of poetry through thoughtful and meaningful poetry analysis instruction. Teaching Poetry Middle School, Poems For Middle School, Middle School Student, School Reading, Poetry Activities Middle, Homeschool Middle School, Poetry Analysis Middle School, Poetry Lesson Plans Middle School, Middle School English Bulletin Boards

POEMS? That 5-letter word will send shivers down the spines of middle school students. Add in the suggestion of "poetry analysis," and the moans and groans can be heard throughout the hallways! If all this sounds familiar, I have a few teacher tips to help you boost engagement with poems that middle schoolers actually enjoy!

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Doug Savage's Savage Chickens "comics" are a single-frame comic drawn on a sticky note that illustrates the life of chickens whose experiences reveal the "savage" truths of the human existence. Teaching satire in secondary ELA is a high-interest and humorous way to engage studen

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