Lion dog

Transform your dog into a cute lion with these adorable lion dog costumes. Get inspired with top ideas to make your pet the center of attention at any event.
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For a long time pedigree dogs have won the game for the best breeds, but recently things are starting to change. Cross breeding is now a common practice in a way to avoid fur molting, to get great family temperaments, and to create smaller breeds that are a better fit for many households. Luckily, because of this, a lot of new breeds we’ve never seen before have started to pop up, and they are possibly the cutest pups to ever exist in our lifetime.

Helen Merrill
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The Fu Dog is a creature with origins in Chinese mythology, legend and folklore. The first one was supposedly made by a god who created it from a boy's stone dog toy. The Fu Dog has a short muzzle, lion-like mane, sharp teeth and claws, and powerful muscles. The Fu Dog is a protector of humankind. They are intelligent and very loyal. They fight to the finish, always on the side of good. Fu Dogs have great strength and intelligence. They have a magical bark that frightens their enemies and…