Lex luther

Explore the intriguing story of Lex Luther, from his humble beginnings to his transformation into one of the most iconic supervillains in comic book history. Delve into the depths of his complex character and discover the motivations behind his relentless pursuit of power.
Dc Universe, Dc Comics, Lex Luther, Clark Kent, Michael Rosenbaum, Jonathan Kent, Lex Luthor, Thompson, Allison Mack

Portrayed By: Michael RosenbaumFirst Appearance: “Pilot” (1x01)Last Appearance: “Finale, Pt. 2” (10x22)Why He Worked: Michael Rosenbaum is absolutely terrifying in every respect when he plays this character. And that man is talented. We fans know what Rosenbaum is like when he’s not playing an iconic villain. Lex Luthor is perhaps the finest villain of science fiction/fantasy, and here’s why. He’s everywhere. He’s your chemistry professor, your dad, your best friend…anyone. He makes you…

Nepo Mohlomi