Lemon myrtle

Discover the refreshing and unique flavor of lemon myrtle in these delicious recipes. From beverages to desserts, explore a variety of dishes that showcase the versatility of this aromatic herb.
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The Lemon Myrtle Tree (Backhousia citriodora) was prized by the Australian Aborigines for its healing properties and for use in cooking. The leaves and oil have a distinct refreshing lemon scent from the citral terpenes in its essential oil. You can buy our amazing organic Australian Lemon Myrtle tea here or our Lemon myrtle and ginger [...]

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Lemon myrtle honey syrup is an intense lemon flavoured honey syrup containing honey and water infused with lemon myrtle leaves that can be used in cocktails and desserts wherever honey syrup or sugar syrup are usually used. Lemon myrtle is an indigenous Australian ingredient with a long history of use as medicine and food. Lemon myrtle has a distinctive and intense almost herbal lemon flavour and aroma and is known as Queen of Herbs. Honey syrup adds sweetness along with unique honey…

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