Lemon lavender

Indulge in the delightful combination of lemon and lavender with these delicious recipes. From refreshing beverages to sweet treats, discover new ways to enjoy this unique flavor pairing.
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Lemon Lavender Cookie Bars - Yes to Yolks

These Lemon Lavender Cookie Bars are a revelation! They're sweet and lemony with a touch of lavender essence. The lavender here is floral and light and not at all overpowering, and it pairs so beautifully with the flavor of lemon. The sweet sugar cookie base and the light lemony glaze are a match made in heaven!

Ali Samborn
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Lavender Lemon Scones Recipe

Bright, uplifting and infused with the freshest of all flavors - learn how to make lemon lavender scones for a the perfect addition to garden tea time during the sunny months. These scones are topped off sweet lemon icing, for a beautiful and balanced taste experience in every bite!

Jaime Clearwater
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I used to dread the heat and humidity that comes with summer, but having a garden has made the sweltering season grow on me a bit. I'm able to produce a ton of fresh vegetables and herbs for my own consumption and to create new recipes with all season long. To highlight one of my favorite herbs I chose to make this Lemon and Lavender Bread that I thought would make the perfect summer treat. Dense and yet still airy, just a hint of sweetness, a little tartness from fresh lemon zest, and…

Rad H