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I had the opportunity to visit another school yesterday to be a part of their site review team. It was an incredible experience and something I wish teachers had the opportunity to do more. Seeing wonderful teachers in action is the BEST professional development, in my opinion! One thing that I noticed in classrooms was a focus on Learning Targets. These were written on the front board and teachers & students referred to them throughout the day. One teacher had a great gesture to go along…

Jennifer Willems
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When I looked at my last post and realized it was Christmas themed, I realized I was long overdo for a blog post. This new year has brought a lot of changes for my district, and one of those changes was the requirement to have all objectives posted. My grade level already had them posted, so we felt like we could check this off our list. They worked great and I loved that they took up very little space. This smaller set is editable, so you do have the option of typing your objectives. I used…

Kyndal Sims
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February usually means continued snow and cold here in Michigan, but today it's supposed to reach almost 60 degrees! Regardless of the weather, it's time for Show & Tell! Just four more days and we will be bringing home Barnaby, the newest member of the Rye family. What a sweetheart he was on Valentine's Day to send us these adorable pictures! And look at this picture of him on his first visit to the beach! I just recently posted my first project on Donors Choose to ask for two electric…

Megan McDermott
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It is important to explicitly tell the students WHAT they will be learning, HOW they will be successful in mastering that skill and WHY it is an important skill to learn. This is where learning targets and success criteria come in to play.

Kaselle Crislip