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Explore the enchanting world of Laurent Moreau's illustrations. Discover his unique style and be inspired by his imaginative artwork.
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Laurent Moreau Strasbourg, France Laurent Moreau is a young author and illustrator. He has published children books with Helium, Gallimard Jeunesse and Actes Sud Junior, to name a few. His artwork is also featured in magazines and newspapers and he often works on posters for theaters or music concerts. He was born in Brittany (France) and he now lives in Strasbourg where he shares a studio with other artists. Aside from that, he plays in several music groups and he loves taking pictures…

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Laurent Moreau is a French illustrator with many published works. I have choose these two examples of his work because I am always drawn to pictures like this where there is a merging of characters/animals to create the picture. These illustrations are from 'A Quoi Penses Tu' , a wonderful flap book where you can see into the heads of the characters. (thanks)

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