Late 20th Century

Explore the influential trends and iconic designs that defined the late 20th century. Discover how these timeless styles continue to inspire and shape modern aesthetics.
(ex-votos of people falling)         Me: I must simply JUMP!    Me: But I'm scared. Instagram, Art, Outsider Art, Early 20th Century, Century, The Fall, East, Archetypes, 20th Century

These ligurian ex-votos which illustrate people miraculously survived the fall are created as a personal expression of thanks and a public testimony to faith and gratitude to the Virgin Mary, always present at the scene of the accident. 1. A bricklayer falls from the roof. September 3, 1898. Genoa-Sestri, Sanctuary of Nostra Signora Virgo Potens. Oil on canvas, cm 55x33. 2. A bricklayer falls from the roof. September 3, 1898 (particular). 3. A worker falls from scaffolding while working on…

Wayne Pease

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