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Daily Mail revisits Prince Albert's romantic nuptials to Lady Elizabeth Bowes Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Bowes Lyon, Royal Family Portrait, Photos Rares, Lady Elizabeth, Queen Mum, Rainha Elizabeth Ii, English Royal Family, Royal Family England

Daily Mail revisits Prince Albert's nuptials to Lady Elizabeth Bowes

As the nation prepares for Prince Harry 's nuptials to Meghan Markle on May 19, the Daily Mail is counting down the days by reflecting on the best loved royal nuptials. In Thursday's paper we share the original Daily Mail reports on the wedding of Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on May 27, 1923.

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HM Queen Elizabeth when Dutchess of York - 1925, Philip Alexius de László John Singer Sargent, Giovanni Boldini, The Queen Mother, Lady Elizabeth, Queen Mum, Painted Ladies, Elisabeth Ii, Johannes Vermeer, Duchess Of York

The Painter Who Filled Sargent's Shoes

This summer London's National Portrait Gallery has been hosting a small exhibit of portraits by Philip Alexius de László (1869-1937), who in 1907 took over the role of Britain's top society portraitist after John Singer Sargent proclaimed that he was fed up with all that. The de László Wikipedia entry is here and the artist's Web site is here. De László was born in the Pest side of Budapest and received training in Hungary, Munich and Paris. He led a cosmopolitan existence as he gained fame…

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Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen Tudor History, Anna Boleyn, Ratu Elizabeth, Tudor Monarchs, Elizabethan Era, Istoria Artei, Reine Elizabeth, Mary Queen Of Scots, English History

Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen

With her huge, dramatic collars, ghostly pallor and flaming curls of red hair, Queen Elizabeth I’s image is etched in royal history. Trained from a young age to see power and strength in public image, she cultivated a persona that was both pure and powerful. Unwed and without children, she portrayed herself as the chase,...

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Lady Elizabeth Stanley (1753–1797), Countess of Derby Derby, Art, Elizabeth Hamilton, George Romney, Lady Elizabeth

George Romney | Lady Elizabeth Stanley (1753–1797), Countess of Derby | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lady Elizabeth Hamilton was the only daughter of James, sixth Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and his wife, née Elizabeth Gunning, one of the eighteenth century’s most famous beauties. In 1774 Lady Elizabeth married Edward Smith Stanley (1752–1834), who in 1776 succeeded his grandfather as twelfth Earl of Derby