Embark on a thrilling journey through the labyrinth and explore its secrets. Find inspiration and tips to navigate through the maze and conquer its challenges.
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Sarah Williams (played by Jennifer Connelly), is the main protagonist in Labyrinth. Sarah was sixteen years old[1] during the events of the film 1985, Born in the Year 1969. S Sarah was the only child of Robert and Linda Williams, and proved to be highly imaginative, her love of fantasy and theatrics inspired by her mother's acting career. Linda walked out on her family to be with her lover, an actor called Jeremy.[2] After divorcing Linda, Robert married again to a woman called Irene. They…

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Surrealism, a discipline that relies on you, as much as the artist, to decipher the painting. I am always amazed, at how Surrealist Artists manage to represent a message and their symbols in their paintings. Rafal Olbinski is one of these artists, we have no titles for these works, so it is up to you / us to see what these paintings are trying to tell us. The answers each one of us comes up with will be shaped by our lives and experiences. What are these paintings saying to you? To see more…

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