Kitchen set up

Discover innovative kitchen set up ideas to optimize your space and create a functional yet stylish kitchen. Get inspired to design the perfect kitchen for your home.
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Lately, I've been on a mission to clean & reorganize our entire house. I'm working room by room & this week I decided to tackle the kitchen. In general, it was already somewhat organized, but you know how after a few years things start to accumulate & it can get kinda messy behind all those cabinets & drawers. Here's a shot of what we're working with: Luckily, we have tons of cabinets & counter space - but our kitchen is also the one room that we have done nothing to since we moved in. We…

Meagan C
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Hi friends! If you have been keeping up with my Instagram, you know that we have been organizing our entire home throughout the month of January. One of the first areas that I tackled was our kitchen, other than our bedroom, I spend a large chunk of my time here. I’m very particular about keeping it clean and I need it to be efficient and easy to get around because I work in it often. Each year, I find better ways to organize my kitchen and this year did not disappoint! Since we moved, I…

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