Kindness elves

Discover enchanting Kindness Elves ideas that will inspire acts of kindness in your home. Encourage a spirit of generosity and compassion with these delightful suggestions.
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Here are plenty of fun Kindness Elves Birthday Party Ideas for decorations, food, party activities and acts of kindness projects for kids to enjoy and celebrate the magic of kindness! As you know, I am the creator of The Kindness Elves concept (and now adorable Kindness Elves toys, story book, teachers eBook and amazing accessories...Read More »

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In the spirit of creating joy, the Scout Elves have made a list to teach children how they can spread Christmas cheer, even long after the holiday season has passed! Full of easy ideas for good deeds for kids, this chart will teach children how great it feels to give back and help others. We know Santa and his special helpers—especially the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard, who encourages kindness—will be excited that you're keeping the North Pole magical with each nice gesture!

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A positive Elf on the Shelf alternative. This reinvented elf idea uses the same standard elf in a kind, fun way that is in line with positive parenting.

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