Jhin league of legends

Learn how to dominate the game with Jhin, the Virtuoso. Discover Jhin's unique abilities and strategies to become a feared marksman on the battlefield.
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嗨,大家好, Hi everyone, 很荣幸的跟大家分享我最近和Riot Games 团队合作的山海绘卷项目图! I am super honored to share my recent collaboration with the Riot Games team on Shan Hai Scrolls posters creation work. 尝试使用水墨的线条勾勒角色的边缘,绘制出四位英雄在绘卷中的样子,希望大家喜欢! I tried to use the ink lines to outline the edges of the character; depict how these 4 champions would look like in the ancient scrolls. Hope you like it as I do! 非常感谢Rock D的指导跟帮助! Much appreciate Rock D’s guidance and help! 同时也非常感谢酷拳Kudos和拳头Riot Games的团队的指导 Meanwhile, many…