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In celebration of the recent launch of issue #25, we’ve put together an exciting series of official Apartamento merchandise, this time in collaboration with American artist, illustrator, and contributor to the magazine Nathaniel Russell. The Apartamento 'Real Life' hoodie is made with sustainable materials using supply and production chains from members of Fair Wear, a foundation that has built an international reputation for championing ethical working conditions for their garment and…

Aizat Nizam
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This is the first in a series of texts looking at the theme of isolation, written in light of the current moment by a number of people who’ve appeared in the magazine. For different reasons, they’ve all experienced prolonged periods of isolation in their lives and have kindly accepted to reflect on these intervals—what it meant to them and how it’s affected their outlook. Rafram Chaddad is a Tunisian artist and self-taught food expert with a particular interest in the Jewish-Arab cuisine of…

Charlotte C