Installing recessed lighting diy

Learn how to install recessed lighting in your home with this step-by-step DIY guide. Upgrade your space and create a modern look with these easy-to-follow instructions.
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Electrical work seems scary for any weekend DIY-er. It's inherently daunting, because it's not a project that many of us know much about or even want to tackle. However, once you learn how to plan

Stacey Gillen
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Recessed lighting is an excellent alternative to traditional light fixtures. While ordinary fixtures can sometimes add style to your room, they can also be disruptive and unnecessary. Recessed lights simply need to be spaced correctly in order to provide an even amount of light. This is because they are hidden away in the ceiling. But […]

Marsha Borden
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Before i dive into the WAC I Can’t Believe It’s Not Recessed light fixtures, i’m going to share a little bit of my light fixture back story and information on LED’s. I have been gradually replacing light fixtures in my home for almost three years. Paint and light fixtures are two huge ways to update your home, and those are tasks you can often do yourself (save $$$). I am not an electrician, but I did teach myself how to replace light fixtures and switches. Typically instructions are going…

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