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We love finding new specimens to add to Elliot’s nature collection. They’re a great resource for his nature studies and I’ve really enjoyed refining my process of preserving specimens over the past couple of years. I have a bit of experience pinning a variety of different insects, but am most familiar with butterflies and moths,

Nicole Womack
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Small Insect Display - Glass Beetle Cloche - Curiosity Cabinet - Oddity - Goblincore - Trinkets One real pinned insect inside a small glass cloche with a cork base. The insect has been mounted to thin wire. The glass is removable from the base. I have several insect options available: Lennei Weevils, Jewel Beetles, and Blue Weevils. Please note: sometimes these specimens have small imperfections—most of the time it’s a foot missing, or just part of a foot. I repair them when I can, but…