Infant foster care

Explore the importance of infant foster care services in providing love and care for vulnerable infants. Find out how you can make a difference and provide a nurturing environment for these precious little ones.
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A friend got a call today that she’s getting her first placement as a foster parent: a newborn baby boy. Her questions made me want to put together a list of suggestions to ask if you’re picking up a newborn. These are different than the questions you might ask for the placement of an older child.

Sarah Hirons
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I remember receiving what must have been a dozen phone calls over the course of a week… just waiting for a placement. We waited… and waited… and waited. I thought, “Surely, there is a child out there for us. During training classes, we heard nonstop about the great need for willing families.”

Heidi Puttkammer
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We are dealing with an opiod epidemin in 2019. I always knew drugs were a big reason that children, especially babies come into foster care. It was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to help children in care. Babies affected in the womb before they take their first breath they don't even have a chance. Or do they?With correct intervention, these babies leave the hospital and can go on to live normal healthy lives. Either abandoned by birth mothers and adopted or apprehended into foster care…

Amber Gomez