In shower body oil

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our luxurious in-shower body oil. Nourish and hydrate your skin while enjoying a spa-like treatment right in your shower. Try our top recommendations for irresistibly soft and supple skin.
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Ancient Cosmetics Made Me a Believer In Body Oils - Musings of a Muse

I purchased a few Ancient Cosmetics Body Oils and guess what? I went back for more. I’m suddenly a body oil convert after trying these. Please Sir, can I have some more? Dude…seriously, I am not a body oil girl by any means possible! Hell, I don’t even like some Bath and Body Works Body […]

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Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe | Little Green Dot

Today's recipe for infused body oil - comes from Alina of Abundant Earth. She's an incredibly skilled herbalist and created a blend that perfect for the summertime. Your skin will glisten and glow and the scent is beautiful... honestly I've been smelling my arm, in the cafe as I write this. I know I look crazy -

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Hydrate and Moisturize Dry Skin - Pride and Beauty Body Oil will hydrate your skin, without leaving a greasy feel. Soothing Relaxation Oil - Pride and Beauty Body Oil is great for self-care, loving and pampering your skin. Multipurpose Body Oil - How to Use - Apply on damped warm skin, straight out of the shower. When using as a massage oil, warm oil to a temperature your will be able to handle, begin massaging oil in skin, use fingers to manipulate application area.

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