How to dye hair multiple colors at home

Learn how to dye your hair multiple colors at home with confidence. Discover expert techniques and step-by-step instructions to achieve a vibrant and unique look that will turn heads.
How to Dye Your Hair Multiple Colors at Home

Dyeing your hair is the absolute best way to switch things up for a new season. In our search for inspiration for our next at-home dye job, we couldn’t help but fall in love with multi-colored hair. On top of adding beautiful dimension to your hair, it also adds a fun twist to a regular hair color. If you want to know how to get beautiful multiple colored hair at home, read along to find our tips for making the process as seamless as possible. #multicoloredhair #haircolor #hairdye…

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Now I LOVE bright colours, being able to have a proper play around and having free reign on some ones hair. So when my client Tracy came to me and said she wanted bright crazy colours and I could do what I liked you can imagine how excited I was. I have been doing Tracy's hair for quite a few years now, about five I think we worked out and she has always loved out there colours. She pre bleached her own hair before coming to me and got it to the colour below In the following tutorial I used…

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If you’ve ever dyed your hair before, you know that hair coloring - at it’s best - can be a magical, transformative experience. At its worst, well….that’s a different story. A quick internet search will land you millions of links to hair color nightmares. As color lovers WE GET IT. The art of hair coloring is in fact an art! But it’s also a science.And if you think back to every science experiment you ever did in school, you might remember that the slightest variation can cause a major…

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