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Discover adorable house mouse ideas to bring charm and whimsy to your home. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with these creative mouse-inspired decor and DIY projects.
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Bless the gray mouse that found her way into the recycle bin. Bless her tiny body, no bigger than my thumb, huddled and numb against the hard side. Bless her bright eye, a frightened gleaming that opened to me and the nest she made from shredded paper, all I could offer. Bless her last hours alone under the lamp with food and water near. Bless this brief life I might have ended had she stayed hidden inside the insulation. Bless her body returned to earth, no more or less than any creature…

Annie Leadley
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I just found this wonderful book, "The House That Mouse Built" by Maggie Rudy & Pam Abrams. It is just so lovely and clever! This is a picture of the inside of the book cover. Look at the hanging lamp over the table. It is a pod with holes in it and electrified. So many details to look at and admire. Love, love it! Here is Maggie Rudy's website called Mouses Houses. This is a little acorn lamp I made that is just dollhouse size. I took one acorn cap and a slightly smaller-sized acorn turned…

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Welcome to Mouseland, an adventurously cosy town where frogs take tea on lily-pads, mice set sail on miniature sailboats, and there are zero effs to give about anything in the real world that’s larger than a peanut. It’s the brainchild of Portland, Oregon-based author Maggie Rudy, who’s been making the mice for her children’s books…