Horse stalls

Transform your horse stalls into a comfortable and functional space with these creative ideas. Enhance the well-being of your horses and simplify your stable management.

When it comes to stall design, like barn exterior design, so many factors determine what shapes the design plans. Your horse lifestyle and the way you interact daily with your horse affect how the interior of your barn should be designed. For me as a backyard horseman who’s cared for horses daily for years I [...]

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Run-ins allow your horse to spend more time where they belong…outside! Most horses are much happier out in a field rather than locked in a stall. However, horse owners often worry about rain, snow, wind, scorching heat, and frigid temperatures. Run-ins offer your horse protection from nasty weather. Check out a few cool designs to […]

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Feed Systems Saratoga Stalls offers the highest quality feeding systems options to complete your stall or pasture. Stainless Steel Feeders Two models to fit your stall and pasture horse feeding requirements. Horse Feeders mount on stall walls, on most swing-out feeder doors and outside on pasture fences. Swing Out Water […]

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