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The Gershwins and Me is a comprehensive deluxe box set written by the celebrated entertainer and educator Michael Feinstein that tells the fascinating story of the Gershwin brothers’ lives and legacies through twelve of their most iconic songs. The set contains a 352-page hardcover book, a CD, and a memorabilia folder housing various pieces of […]

Nedvanee Keratipit
A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 58 ; History of Layout Design and Modern Newspaper & Magazins Typography, Editorial, Magazine, Book Design, Magazine Design, Magazine Layout, Newspaper Layout, 타이포그래피 포스터 디자인, Design Editorial

Table of Contents: Introduction From manuscripts to the early prints Incunabula's layout Design Canonical Structures of classical design Fibonacci's Golden proportions Printing Press and Page Layout in the Ninteenth Century Layout Design in 20th century Bauhaus and Moholy-Nagy's 'typofoto' De Stijl; van Doesburg's introduction of diagonal axis The Congress of Constructivists and Dadaists at Weimar Constructivists; the idealogical layout of Production Art Dadaists: The destruction of the old…

Jennifer Lubka