Highly sensitive people

Discover how to embrace your sensitivity and navigate the world as a highly sensitive person. Find tips, strategies, and resources to help you thrive and create a fulfilling life.
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I am highly sensitive. And that means I feel things so very deeply. I don't forget easily. Empath Quotes, Inner Butterfly Quotes.

Tiffany Branham
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How Do Highly Sensitive People Manage in Relationships? Processing everything around you creates that overwhelming feeling in you. Highly sensitive people are normal people who are healthy and go on with their day-to-day chores like you and I.

Diane Craig
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According to psychologist and researcher Dr. Elaine Aron (who coined the term), 20% of us are born as a Higher Sensitive Person (HSP) and 70% of all introverts are Highly Sensitive People. What Does It Mean to be a Highly Sensitive Person? Being a Highly Sensitive Person means that you have a highly sensitive nervous