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Copenhagen city center | Where to Stay In Copenhagen – July 25, 2014 Denmark Utrecht, Dubrovnik, Oslo, Dublin, Finland, Nordic Countries, Scandinavia, Denmark, Europe

Where to Stay in Copenhagen Between the people, the canals, the skittering bicycles, and the brightly colored buildings, Copenhagen, Denmark is a friendly city, and it is surprisingly easy to get around considering its size. Copenhagen’s neighborhoods each have their own identity, and it’s worth taking a minute to find the best area to stay in Copenhagen

Heidi Stoermer
Exterior, Architecture, Identity Design, Street, Create, Aaa, Boulevard, Contemporary, Arch

The design derives from the contemporary needs of a functional yet attractive pedestrian street in the city center. We aimed to create an inviting street on a human scale with a unique and clear identity. Design concepts focused on richness in experience, timelessness and small scale. The city’s main shopping street targets a unique identity […]