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Discover high-quality Hi-Fi systems that will take your music listening to the next level. Explore top ideas to find the perfect system for your audio needs.
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Panasonic, Sony, Akai, Crown and Aiwa no longer sell all-in-one HiFi systems (sometimes they referred to them as home theatre). Although selling the all-in-one “music system” returned good revenue and particularly Panasonic gained popularity for delivering quality systems at mid-range. The all-in-one HiFi systems reduced the required knowledge to purchase each component. The reasons they …

Celebrity Hi-Fi Systems: Frank Sinatra, Haruki Murakami, Magic Johnson, and more… | In Sheeps Clothing Writers And Poets, Frank Sinatra, Haruki Murakami, Audio Room, Record Collection, Hifi, Record Store, Dj Room, Record Room

Celebrity sound systems featuring Garrard, Tannoy, McIntosh, Thorens, and custom hi-fi equipment. News alert: Celebrities are very much human like the rest of us, despite that popular culture exalts them to God-like levels. And as humans, famous people have a multitude of curiosities and hobbies that scratch that same itch we’re all after. Since money is often no object, those whose passion is music proudly display hi-fi set-ups that transform the ritual of deep listening into something…

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