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Description Even if Japan has also suffered a hurricane and the earthquake at the same time. They still concerned about whether we are in need of assistance. And they did.(to provide the assistance) Japan really are our best friend . ・゚・o・゚・o・゚・( ゚ノД` )・゚・o・゚・o・゚・WAAAAA~~ And US said they are willing to give us any help what we need. ・゚・o・゚・o・゚・( ゚ノД` )・゚・o・゚・o・゚・WAAAAA~~ It has been more than 60 countries have expressed concern to us. ・゚・o・゚・o・゚・( ゚ノД` )・゚・o・゚・o・゚・WAAAAAAAA~~ Thanks…

Feliciano Vargas