Hanging 4 pictures layout

Discover creative layout ideas for hanging 4 pictures to showcase your favorite moments. Create a stunning wall display that adds personality to your space.
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As you probably know, I love art. One of my favorite ways to display art in our house is with a gallery wall. Today I'll be sharing some fun ideas for your next gallery wall. You can use any of the above ideas to create a really unique wall of art in any room. Here are some more fun tips that I use when assembling my own gallery walls. #1. Mix & Match. In my Office Gallery Wall I mixed a sailboat print, weird-foreign-maps, small mirrors, and some of my favorite photographs that I had printed…

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Art looks best when you can appreciate it straight on. That means not having to tilt your head up or down to look at it. The center of the art should be 57” above the floor. BUT, before you hammer a nail at exactly 57”, there’s a couple of things to think about first. This formula works like magi

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Our new dining table is finally broken in (we hosted our first 6 person gathering last month, a feat our old 4-seater table could not even begin to accommodate). However, despite having lived in the same place for 6 1/2 years, the blank walls that now surround the new table make it feel like we

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Arranging three pictures on a wall can sound like a simple task, but there are ways to transform your arrangement from average to great. Start with choosing a common element for your picture grouping and picking the right sizes. Next move...