Hand art projects

Unleash your creativity with these fun and engaging hand art projects. From handprint animals to hand-painted masterpieces, explore top ideas to bring your hands to life.
Collaborative HAND ART Project:  I think this would be so pretty in a classroom library area... make at the beginning of the year when the classroom community is coming together for the first time.

So... I am excited to catch up and post all of the last 4 months of art projects. I was so tired by the end of the school year trying to finish up so many projects that I didn't even have the spec of desire to post them- probably due to the fact that I pay for high-speed, but don't actually have it... So posting them takes longer than it should. Blah. Yay! Here is another wonderful collaborative HAND ART project that I made up for the 4rth-graders. They get to "leave their mark" before they…

The Peanut Circus

Hello all. This is my last "project" post for 2012 and I couldn't be more happy to end the year with such a fun project, bret not my fair readers, I have a back log of lovely projects from Summer 2012 that I haven't posted yet. :o) I'll be starting 2013 reminiscing about those lol. Recently, I posted a few of my peacock inspirational art that I was collecting for this project. The original idea came from a Pinterest post that lead me to this fun page (picture at bottom of post). I thought it…

Ashiekin Mohamad