Halloween art lessons

Get into the spooky spirit with these fun and creative Halloween art lessons for kids. Explore different techniques and create masterpieces that will impress everyone this Halloween season.
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We looked at a plastic skeleton then we created the bones of 3 skeletons in action in pencil. Next we outlined the skeletons with Shaprie. After the Sharpie out line each skeleton with yellow highlighter and then green highlighter. After the yellow and green highlighters students used regular markers to circle the dancing skeletons. Students may select the color pattern of their choice. Before students started the project I had them fill out this worksheet. The answers are on the bottom of…

Sara Brueckman-Lewinski
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This Monster in My Closet art lesson has been one of my students' absolute favorites over the years! A perfect lesson for drawing creativity out of even the most hesitant young artists. With a focus on line, shape, and texture your students will be engaged the entire time they are creating!

Robin Heieren