Half marathon training schedule

Get ready for your first half marathon with these effective training schedules designed for beginners. Start your journey to becoming a successful half marathon runner today!
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Our 10 Week Half Marathon Training Plan is best suited for runners with some experience looking to improve their half-marathon performance. It builds up your mileage over 10 weeks and includes one race pace or tempo run

Rachel Lapp
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Completing your first (or tenth!) 13.1 race with a smile is not impossible - just follow this half marathon training for beginners and you can cross the finish line happy! Just follow these 7 steps and you'll finish your next half marathon with a happy runners high! Why Run a Half Marathon? Running a half marathon delivers the same thrill as running a marathon. But with less pain. I'm kidding, kind of, but really - 13.1 miles is a significant running achievement. Taking the leap to run your…

Caitlyn O'Very