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Judy Nails is a main character in the Guitar Hero series. Since her first appearance, she has appeared in all first six main games in the series, a trait also shared with Axel Steel and Johnny Napalm (as well as Izzy Sparks, who is a minor character in Warriors of Rock). It's clear since Guitar Hero that Judy's favorite guitar is Gibson SG White Custom, in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, her favorite guitar become Gibson SG Cherry Custom. But In Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of…

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If you had the choice between hopping around to one of Britney Spears' "classics" or strapping on a Gibson SG and rocking out to freakin' Iron Man, which would you choose? If you chose the former, head on over here. If you're like us and would rather watch Ozzy bite the head off of living creatures than watch a scantily-clad blonde... err, hmm, on second thought… Bah, we'll take Ozzy every time.

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