Guinea pig cage ideas diy

Give your guinea pig a comfortable and fun living space with these creative DIY cage ideas. Discover how to create a cozy home for your furry friend and make their environment more engaging.

HEYYY PIGGIE LOVERS!!! i found cubes on sale! 23 for 18.99 at kmart (online price, ill post a link if anyone wants it :) ) so anyway, i found cubes and coro...

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Building a DIY guinea pig cage can be an incredibly rewarding experience, offering a personalized touch to your pet's living environment. If you're keen on crafting a unique home for your furry friend, exploring 20 homemade DIY guinea pig cage ideas might just spark your creativity. Tailoring a space that's both comfortable and stimulating for your guinea pig doesn't just showcase your care and affection; it also ensures their well-being and happiness. Venturing into DIY projects, like…

White C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs

If you've always dreamed of a white C&C cage, here is your wish granted! Our collection includes many models of white C&C cages as well as white modular C&C grids and white door grids to make a beautiful white cage for your guinea pigs.

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Just like many other pets, guinea pigs require grooming as well. Many piggy parents ask me during YouTube Live, how much grooming care do guinea pigs need? Despite their name, guinea pigs are actually quite clean animals. There are just a few solid things to remember about guinea pig care you should know! Guinea Pig Ba