Great grandparents

Celebrate the lives and stories of your great grandparents. Discover meaningful ways to honor their legacy and keep their memory alive for future generations.
Meeting His Grandpa For The First Time

You don't have to go far to find heartwarming content on the Internet these days, but we firmly believe that few things in this world are more touching than the sight of a grandparent meeting their young grandchild for the first time. That moment when a face aged by decades of love lays eyes on the newest member of the family and floods with emotion... There's really nothing quite like it, and if you're a grandparent yourself, you know exactly what we're talking about. We've rounded up the…

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Coming up with grandparent names can be surprisingly difficult. After I told my mom I was pregnant with my older son she cautiously asked, “What do the kids call Helen?” Crap. My mother-in-law already had three grandchildren under her belt and they all call her ‘Grandma’. I braced myself as I told my mother that ‘Grandma’ was kind of taken to which she shouted, “Can I be Nana then?!? I want to be called Nana!!” Turns out she loved her Nana and wanted to be a glorious Nana to my kids. Oh, ok

Nicholas Rowan