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Transform your world with the power of the Gold Power Ranger. Explore top ideas to bring the epic adventures of Gold Power Ranger to life and become a hero in your own story.
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Power Rangers Morphin Madness was a 2014 online promotional campaign. It pit eighty of the Legendary Rangers against each other in popularity polls until only five remained. There were anywhere from two to six Rangers represented per team. In stages of the voting, voters were treated to coupons for free toys. Once a round was completed, one would be able to enter the sweepstakes for major prizes. Sequel campaigns were later announced in 2015, Power Rangers Megazord Madness and in 2018, Power…

Tyrone Weedon
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Antonio Garcia is Samurai Ranger Light, the Gold Samurai Ranger of the Samurai Rangers and their Sixth Ranger who can control the element of Light. Six years later, he returned in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel along with other Veteran Rangers, helping the Ninja Steel Rangers against Lord Draven and his army of Robo Rangers. An unknown number of years ago, Antonio met and befriended Jayden Shiba and they became best friends with Antonio aspiring to become a samurai like Jayden was supposed…