Gold nugget

Explore the fascinating world of gold nuggets and learn about their distinctive features. Find out how you can incorporate these precious treasures into your jewelry collection or display them as captivating natural artifacts.
"Welcome Stranger" - Largest Gold Nugget - The "Welcome Stranger" gold nugget was found by John Deason and Richard Oates in 1869 near Moliagul, Victoria, Australia. It was 171.9 pounds (78 kilograms) gross, 156 pounds (71.0 kilograms) net. Bullion, Rock, Gold, Golden Nugget, Large, Nugget, Geology, Gold Bullion, Natural Gold

A prospector made an extraordinary discovery yesterday, when he found an "incredibly rare" 12-pound (5.5-kilogram) gold nugget under only 23 inches of dirt. The total price for such a happy unearthing: a whopping $300,000. And he found it in a place where hundreds searched before, all thanks to state-of-the-art…

Matthew Pompa