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Explore the world of G.I. Joe Cobra and discover the top ideas and collectibles to bring the action to life. Join forces with the iconic enemy organization and add excitement to your collection.
GI Joe OG13: 25th Classic Set by HissHissFangFang -

Eight years ago I finally had a complete O13 set, in the form of the 25th Anniversary collection. Although I had been into GI Joe since ’82 (toys, c

gCobra_25th_89-85_Dreadnoks_2018-0218d | Dreadnok set, updat… | Flickr Geek, Retro, Buzzer, Cobra Commander, Thrasher, Action Figures Toys, Action Figures, Gi Joe Cobra, Gi Joe

Cobra Shelf: Dreadnoks (Mar 2018) Read more at: HissTank Forums - Cobra Shelf by HHFF Site: Dreadnok set, updated to exclude characters beyond the vintage o-ring era Back row: Thrasher, Monkeywrench, Buzzer, Torch, Ripper, Zanzibar Front row: Crusher, Road Pig, Zarana, Zartan, Zandar, Gnawgahyde, Demolisher Crusher and Demolisher were figures released by the GI Joe Collecters Club for the 2004 GI Joe Convention. Though they were…

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