George Clooney

Explore the incredible journey of George Clooney, from his breakthrough role in ER to his success as a Hollywood actor, director, and producer. Discover interesting facts and behind-the-scenes stories of this iconic superstar.
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Amethyst knight. An incredibly smart woman, she is what they call "beauty with brains". With her father being a millionaire, she has everything, she thought her life was complete that is until she met Roberto Romano. The Italian heir to a multi-billion company. They did everything and spent every day together, by each other's side. It really was true love, so much so they got married. They were happy. Until one night..... Shoutout to RaghaddMurad for the amazing cover❤

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Tinker Bell, the fictional character from the "Peter Pan" books and films, recently received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As superficial of an honor as it may seem, the actual list of previous honorees is bizarre not just because of who else has been honored, but because of who hasn't.

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