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Today's world of "Avatar" food is sizzle crisps; a popular Fire Nation snack often eaten at festivals and events, like the circus, such as the one in "Appa's Lost Days" (ATLA s.2, ep.16). It's said that the taste of sizzle crisps is distinctly bacon-like with the typical Fire Nation hotness. So I decided to make this snack out of for realsies bacon. And then made it like candy. And then added the hotness. So here you go! Fire Nation sizzle crisps, AKA sugared baked bacon, powdered with…

Daphne Blake Connolly
Adventure Time | Princess Bubblegum's Royal Tart Recipe by Fiction Food Foods, Sweets, Adventure Time, Tart, Recipes, Desserts, Food, Party Food, Foodie

In the "Adventure Time" episode "The Other Tarts" (s. 2., ep. 9) Princess Bubblegum entrusts Finn and Jake with the job of toting her precious, perfect royal tarts to the sacred, annual back-rubbing ceremony located in the Bad Lands. Finn is never one for the easy path, or even the path that makes the most sense, so he devises a well-intentioned, harder-than-it-needs-to-be plan that totally ends up going bazonkers. Poor Finn. But not to worry, PB got her tarts in the end. Important to note…

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