Funny shoes

Step into the world of funny shoes and add a touch of humor to your outfit. Explore a wide range of hilarious and unique shoe designs that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.
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Ok, this is probably not what you expected to look at today — a whole post dedicated to weird shoes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. The fashion industry is no stranger to the odd and unpractical. Just by looking at fashion shows, we see designers constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new concepts. However, those experiments can very often result in some… funny-looking designs.

Boob The Enchanter
The Pro-Crocs Movement Has Birthed Yet Another Extreme Shoe Rosa High Heels, Pink High Heels, High Heels Outfit, Cute High Heels, Shoes High Heels, Unique High Heels, Heels Outfits, Platform High Heels, Casual Heels

Fashion The Croc heel became a bit of a phenomenon this summer. The shoe no longer only comes in its standard duckbill-capped shape, but now boasts heels of all shapes and sizes. A few weeks ago, the Internet swirled with confusion when Crocs heels titled “Cyprus V” were unearthed on a modest orthopedic sandal with a goosebump-dotted sole. (They are still available from $45 to $251 and have an endless stream of rave reviews). That’s not all: There’s also the colorful “Huarache…

Cindy Morrison