Funny horse face

Get ready to laugh with our collection of funny horse face photos and memes. Discover the silliest and most adorable horse expressions that will brighten up your day.
Love these pics. Wish i had my camera out when my horse did this! Meme, Fotos, Cute Animals, Cheval, Dieren, Happy Animals, Animais, Beautiful Horses, Asia

I just bought a new iMac computer (after 27 years of PC's), and as I was going through the process of transferring old photos to the new computer I came across this gem. It was taken on the family farm of a friend. I think this could be used in an ad campaign to discredit whatever idea or issue you were against. As an example "Republicans like Poor People?" or "You're From the Government and You're Here to Help?" Well, you get the idea. What he's really thinking could be "And you're a…

Hannah Camille