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We are pretty sure most of us have heard about or at least seen some of Adam Ellis' comics that are floating around the internet. The talented cartoonist makes comics that cover popular memes, world news, and of course, occasionally the artist also works on his own original series of comics that are either one-shots or have a few parts of a story to them. Whatever it is, Adam’s comics have gained a lot of popularity over the years, and given how relatable and funny they are, they always get…

Lady Rose Diamond
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Half a year ago we wrote about an incredible artist whose sense of humor and affable depiction of random girl problems won over thousands of people on Instagram. She has been busy with new webcomics, so I think its time to share some of her works with wider audiences again.

Arti Choudhary
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Sometimes all humans need is a dose of humorous self-reflection with a hint of inspiration, conveniently set in daily life. This is pretty much all that’s prescribed in one—colorful characters struggling with daily annoyances and celebrating the random details worth doing so. Awoo comics, created by AC Stuart, who also goes by Andy, feature a wolf pack, a middle-aged deer, and even a possum.

Lady Erin The Great
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Comics are quite a common sight here on Bored Panda as different authors with different kinds of content are featured fairly frequently. Some webcomics have been running for a long time, but new ones are always popping up with fresh and unseen ideas. This series called "Colmscomics" is exactly that - a fresh breath of air. The artist behind the comics likes to keep his humor dark at times and the cartoons often have unexpected endings with twists.

Kasia Bush

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